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The IT Group, LLC is committed to bringing you a consistently high level of service. We are an indispensable asset to over 250 successful enterprises.

Value Proposition

The IT Group brings a level of expertise and professionalism to an industry often viewed in a negative light. For many business owners, integrating technology into their business is a '˜necessary evil', while for others it is exciting to incorporate the newest advancements the industry has to offer. Whichever faction you encompass, we provide the level of proficiency that you require from an IT company without over complicating the process.

Our clients represent diverse industries, from hospitals and doctors offices to multi-million dollar manufacturing corporations. Whether you employ a staff of five or 500, we are your technology solution. Our variety of products and services allows you to maintain control over your company's infrastructure and your employees' productivity.

If your company does not have a strong presence online, we can develop a website for you that will draw potential customers to your business or increase the value you bring to your existing customers. We can leverage our relationship with all major hardware manufactures to your benefit. Our ability to give you a quick concise proposal makes it easy to price out and order hardware with the added benefit of having our installation experience.

In addition to helping draw prospective revenue to your business and reducing your capital expenditures, we can also save your company money by reducing the amount of time employees waste online. The IT Group offers Spector CNE, an advanced monitoring software suite, which will help to increase employee productivity, provide a safeguard in the event of inappropriate employee behavior, and protect your company from electronic information leakage.

While the internet has provided businesses with unprecedented opportunities to grow and succeed, it has also opened a Pandora's Box for illegal activity. Hackers and disgruntled employees attempt to and succeed in stealing confidential company and customer information that will cost businesses an estimated seven figures this year. Because incidents such as these are far from isolated, it has become absolutely crucial for businesses to protect themselves and their data. The IT Group provides cutting-edge solutions to these problems. We begin by performing external penetration testing and internal security audits to inform you of your network's vulnerabilities in addition to validating firewall configurations, intrusion detection systems, server configurations, and software patches. A comprehensive report and external view of your network is then provided and a plan of corrective action is put into effect. Also, as mentioned previously, Spector CNE software has been an invaluable tool to protect companies from internal sabotage.

The IT Group partners with LiveVault® Corporation, the leading provider of fully-managed online backup, off site data storage, and data disaster recovery services. Your data is made immediately available for disaster recovery 24x7x365. This extremely effective product provides priceless peace-of-mind and protects against potential catastrophe.

The IT Group will improve the way you do business with our products, services, partnerships, and technical expertise. Our diverse portfolio, genuine enthusiasm for our line of work, and our customer-service-based approach, sets us apart from the rest in the IT industry.

We provide the following services:

  • Continuous Offsite Back-up and restoration services
  • Information Technology analysis, strategy, and design
  • Server installation, configuration, maintenance and ongoing management
  • Around the clock security monitoring and unmatched protection
  • Network design, implementation, continuous maintenance, and support
  • Ongoing Information Technology environment consultation
  • On-site maintenance and support
  • Remote monitoring and support
  • Database management and integrity control
  • Website maintenance
  • Spam filtering services
  • Unmatched anti-virus protection
  • Email setup and configuration services
  • Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Consulting Services
  • Low voltage structured wiring and data closet setup and configuration
  • Laptop repair and recovery

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